An Ever-Evolving Gallery of Art Encapsulating Natural Elements From Abroad!

About The Artists

Utku Öndes

Artist Utku Öndes sitting in a park in Seoul South Korea participating in a group sketching activity

We are just two people and we are like the two stars who live in the sky. And my name is Utku. Who was the other star? I was traveling world and selling my art on the road for more miles and new memories. You know when you had been older you should have some story for grandchildren. We’ve some goals for the future. Therefore we doing make what we can ( oil painting, watercolors, ceramics art, etc. ) and selling. Also we getting some order from some worthies people. Do you want to join us? If you want to help us, please tell me what do you want! 

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Alicia Tomita


My adventure with watercolor began less than a year ago. I was recovering from a second heart surgery and had to spend my days in bed. Having additional interests in exploration, science and conservation, I reveled in the opportunity to experiment with painting using local water sources and the fascinating way varyibg salinity in the water effects the texture and granulation of the paint when it dries. Truly making each piece interesting and unique. Mainly residing on the West Coast of the United States, I’ve spent hours painting with water I’ve collected from rivers, lakes and the sea, from California to Washington State! I love taking this small piece of my adventure with me and sharing it along with a piece of my soul with each painting I create. I’m excited to team up with the endlessly talented Utku Öndes and together we hope to captivate you with things that inspired us along our adventures. Thank you for your interest in our art! 

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We are traveling students of art from around the globe; who incorporate natural elements such as local natural water sources, wood, and clay into our paintings and sculptures which gives each piece a natural customization! The differing salinity of each source of water from rivers to the sea create custom granulation in the paint as it dries; unique driftwood pieces made into functional art supply stands, and (New to the Gallery) Isnik ceramic clay sculptures made from ceramic clay from Iznik, Turkey!

Our interests are ever-evolving much like the natural world we live in and explore. We endeavor to inspire interest and a deeper love of art and Nature by encapsulating natural elements found on our travels within each piece in our gallery. Take home something interesting and unique! A treasure from an artistic adventure. As always thank you for supporting our art! Let everything inspire you! 


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